Dating sites are not just for people seeking love with a big A. Today, they adapt to the demand. Gay dating sites, naughty or cougar know for example a great success.

If you are tempted by infidelity discreetly, extra-marital dating sites are a real opportunity.

What are the best sites? Our advices ? Our opinion ? We tell you everything before you take the plunge!

The main reasons for adultery

Since the 2000s, infidelity has exploded thanks to (or because of) social networks and dating sites. 52% of men and 32% of women admit to having already cheated on their partner.

When we ask people looking for an extra-marital relationship about why they cross the red line, here are the ones that are most often mentioned:

⊕ A need for novelty

One of the main reasons for adultery is this need for novelty. A monotonous life or a routine that settles, can give the envy for some.e.s to shake the daily with an extramarital adventure.

⊕ A need to seduce

When we are in a relationship, the decline of desire and complicity can lead to infidelity. It is often said that the best time in a relationship is the period of seduction.

But we must recognize that it does not last very long. Some people want to find her, or want to find these exchanges and this game of seduction. Seducing and being seduced means that one can be tempted by infidelity.

⊕ The sex

So contrary to what one might think, this is not the first motivation for an infidelity, even if it is still present. Temptations are great everyday. At work, on social networks, on dating sites, temptation is everywhere!

Sex is important in a couple and if it does not go well in bed, one of the partners may want a sex-based relationship to fill that gap.

⊕ By loneliness

A spouse who is too often absent, a job that drives you away from home, and a feeling of loneliness that grows month after month, are the reasons given to justify an extra-marital relationship.

Who does one really find on an adulterous dating site?

On an adulterous dating site, you will find people who, like you, want an extramarital relationship and nothing else. You will not find on this type of website people who are looking for love, on the contrary.

These people are registered for different reasons. Because they are far from home and want a one-night adventure, because they are bored in their relationship, because they want the benefits of a pseudo story but without the disadvantages, or any simply because they want to realize a fantasy.

The main advantage of this type of dating site is to find people who have the same goal as you, and this is also what makes them successful.

The best sites for adulterous and extra-marital encounters

The adulterous sites are more numerous because the demand is strong. It is important to choose a serious site where discretion is required, and where your anonymity is preserved so as not to put your couple in danger.

Here is our selection of the best sites for adulterous encounters:


Feeld app for threesomes ( remains the best known thanks to its pubs, since the launch of its section meets, site Feeld is a real cardboard to French and French women of all ages ....

The website dedicated to adulterous encounters soon followed the launch of the "classic" dating site, and without surprise soon became a reference.


Gleeden ( reigns supreme and his reputation is well established.

Since 2009, it offers millions of registrants to find the person who corresponds to their preferences for an extramarital relationship, under the sign of discretion.

Its different features and options are highly appreciated by people registered on Gleeden.


From there to say that this is the favorite site of women, it should not be abused, BUT ErotikLink ( is undoubtedly a site very well attended (in terms of REAL women profiles). A real plus in the wide choice of naughty dating sites. Beyond the quality of its members, site easy to use, multi-support. Affordable price. Widely in our TOP 3!


The name of FetLife ( sets the scene without taboos for online dating for fetishists and BDSM lovers. And the photo of the woman on the cover of the site (click, you will see 😉) confirms the strategy of FetLife.

No blah, but mandatory discretion. If you accept, a world of pleasure opens to you ...

The name of the site sets the scene without taboos. And the photo of the woman on the cover of the site (click, you will see 😉) confirms the strategy of Victoria Milan (

No blah, but mandatory discretion. If you accept, a world of pleasure opens to you ...


Can we do more direct as a site name, BackPage ( adult personals is great site to post ads if you are looking to meet someone online, unlike DoubleList ( it has a larger user bse and members from around the world? Difficult ! No blah, no fuss, on this site, the color is announced immediately, which allows to quickly sort at the time of registration.

A rather well judged site in the community. But it's up to you to check if it suits your expectations.

Should we necessarily go from virtual to real?

To this question the answer is simple: it depends on what you are looking for. There are people who register on an adulterous dating site simply to find forgotten feelings. To be flirted, seduced or seduced, but without taking the step to see face to face.

There are those who, on the contrary, do not want to spend days or weeks sending each other sex toys and wanting to take the quick step. The answer to this question is therefore personal, but in 90% of cases, the registrants meet for a real relationship.