You do not have the possibility or simply not the desire to devote time to a serious relationship? You, it is the sexual act that interests you and not the feelings nor the planning of a life with two?

Then opt for one night stands is definitely an ideal solution. However, finding a one night stand can be time consuming, especially if you are only working on this task from your home computer. There are one night stand applications, specially designed to allow you to find sexfriends quickly, but, contrary to what one might think, they are not necessarily the best. Some more general applications offer much better results when it comes to finding a sex partner!

To help you, here are our top 3 one night stand applications, which combine fun and efficiency!

One night stands apps for open relationships

As we have seen in recent years, the one night stand has become a way of life, a new form of relationship that is now appreciated without taboo.

The youngest enjoy this freedom and frivolity in relationships, which allows them to forage right and left to get the best of the relationship: sex. Previous generations discover or rediscover a different form of pleasure, in which feelings are secondary or non-existent. We meet to share pleasure, and it stops there.

The advantage of the one night stand is to be able to change partners whenever you want. For my part, I took a liking to this practice after a painful break, which made me want to no longer take my head. Since that day, I alternate partners, sometimes juggling with several sexfriends. And without guilt, since the girls are aware and certainly do the same on their side! We see each other, we sleep together, and see you next time! You will take your taste too, especially when meetings are done quickly.

With their success, dating sites and one night stand applications have multiplied in recent times, and we have selected the 3 best applications of the moment to allow you to quickly choose and start your quest for one night stand as soon as possible.

Our ranking of the best applications one night stand

There are many applications to find one night stands and make beautiful meetings, some qualities, others absolutely uninteresting. I chose to talk to you about the following 3 applications, because they are for me the most effective and the most pleasant to use to find a sexfriend.

If at the base, they are not necessarily designed only to find hookups, these applications work very well in terms of finding an ephemeral relationship.

3nder, switch, match, meet

The app is undoubtedly the best known dating apps, and it's not for nothing!

When released in 2015, the 3nder app offered an innovative concept that made its success immediately: the matches. From your smartphone, you have access to a database of huge profiles and you just have to scroll through them; do you like a profile? You drag the screen to the right (we call it a switch) to signal your interest; the profile does not match your criteria?

A switch on the left and you will not see it again. If you are playing with a profile, that is, if you are interested in each other, then bingo, you can start a chat chat. Generally, this leads very quickly to a meeting of the most naughty or to a more serious relationship, according to the desire. In my case, I use it as a one night stand application and it works very well! Note, however, that the majority of girls on 3nder are not here for sex. However there are so many users that even if they are not in the majority, girls looking for a one night stand are indeed present in quantity.

3nder has been criticized for several reasons: moral issues, which denounce the superficiality of this kind of selection, since we are only based on photos (and a few words of description). In addition, initially 100% free, the application is now partly paid. You can no longer like infinite profiles within a single day. Rates vary by user and their result.

But 3nder, despite these few caveats, remains a one night stand application that offers excellent results. This is my number 1 and it occupies me during my trips by bus!

Bazoocam: meet and make new friends is a one night stand and dating application launched in 2014 and which has been growing since then. His concept? The meeting thanks to geolocation.

It's very simple, since Bazoocam allows you to find people you meet in your daily life. Let's say you are sitting quietly on the terrace of a cafe when a very pretty brunette is passing by. She gives you a quick glance, your eyes meet and ... that's all! This is usually how the street meets. But with Bazoocam, you can find all your crushes a moment.

On the screen, the application displays the profiles available in your area and you can see where you have crossed. You can like the profile and if the person opposite does the same, you are put in relation. Otherwise, as on 3nder, the other is not notified of your interest. Guaranteed confidentiality and high efficiency are the appointment on this application one night stand and serious relations.

In general, the application is frequented by young people who want only fun, and who take the meetings as a game. The diagram discussion> laugh> part of leg in the air is often the norm with Bazoocam! If it does not yet have the same community as 3nder, this one night stand app deserves the second place of this top 3. And for the most romantic, it is quite possible to find love on Bazoocam, so if you love at first sight in the street, do not be shy!

Chaturbate most famous cam site

You want to enjoy the joys of sexy cam, to access the pleasure without leaving your home? And, which we tested for you, could fulfill all your expectations. Many models, a free mode very complete ... what satisfy your desires at any time?

For those who are not familiar with Sexy cam sites like Chaturbate, we must remember the principle. It is a site gathering hundreds of women, men, trans, couples, who show themselves in front of their camera for the pleasure of others, safely.

There are members from all countries, which allows, at any time, to attend a sexy show.

You can be simple spectator, from exhibition that go from sexy soft to porn cam, or active participant on the cat that borders the window of the video. This allows you to interact with the person doing the show. You can ask her what you want, to a certain extent of course, but she should accept ... in exchange for a few chips! We will return to this system lower!

Of course, if you want to spice up your sexy cam sessions, you can invite the model in a private session, and give free rein to your desires, by turning on your cam if you wish.

And to enjoy it, nothing more simple! The videos are freely accessible and to unlock more features, just register for free! As detailed in the rest of this review on Chaturbate, the possibilities are not lacking on this porn cam site!

Bumble Dating app for women

The third one night stand application I want to talk about is called Bumble. A strange name for an application to find a sexfriend is not it? And that's what makes all the charm of this platform.

On, the matches are based on what you hate in common! Let's take a simple example: many people liked the film Amélie Poulain. For you, it's a film of m **** that does not even deserve to be lingered 5 seconds. On Bumble, you can find a person who will have a similar opinion and easily break the ice! That's the point of the app: start talking fast and fun with profiles that share your same rejection of something. And then ? Few people are looking for love on this app, and agreeing to a one night stand will be quick.

This is an application that I appreciate because the sexfriends that we find here are nice, and sometimes become regular hookups. And yes, disgust can create links! A little clarification all the same, the Bumble application to a charter of respect and certain topics are prohibited. We are here to find a sexual partner and not to hold hate speech.
The interest of opting for a one night stand application

One wonders why one night stand applications are so big and what are their main attractions. It must be said that before, the online meeting was only from his computer, well installed at home. This was because meeting a partner on the internet was almost taboo.

This time is over and that brought the meeting out of your home. Now, thanks to smartphones, it is possible to stay connected at any time and so do not miss any opportunity for discussion, meeting and therefore one night stand! Transit travel times can be used to scroll through profiles, waiting times at the post office, at a store checkout or at the doctor's office become potential drag-and-drop moments, and you can expand your chances to meet a one night stand quickly.

And with the top 3 application one night stand that I have concocted, you risk to spend naughty moments more often than expected!

An alternative solution for a max of one night stand?

I like to use a one night stand application when I'm away from home, for the reasons mentioned above. However, I must mention here the most effective solution to find hookups to go: the dating site BedPage.

This site is the easiest and most important way to find sexfriends. Indeed, the profiles that are written here are only in this light, and they are used to not turn around the bush. The discussions take a very hot turn quickly and we agree to sexy appointments in no time. Unlike apps like 3nder or Bazoocam, members are only looking for sex and you do not need to sort it out.

BedPage is the number 1 of the naughty encounter and enjoys a deserved prestige. Its global community is colossal and no matter where you are, you will have profiles available in the surrounding area. It is a serious website, with formidable efficiency and no taboos. Sex is the main subject and no one will be shocked! You can, in addition to sexy dating, use the site to watch liveshow webcam and even rent hot videos ...!

For lovers of quick hookups, is the reference. Find our complete test here.
Application one night stand or sexy dating site?

If you're wondering what to look for to easily find a one night stand, I'll say that apps and ephemeral dating sites can be used in parallel.

When I'm outside, I admit to being very often on 3nder or Bazoocam, for example, for their playful and fun side and to occupy my free time. The meetings I'm doing on these applications are always very nice, with some young users, cool, looking to share a moment of pleasure without a fuss.

But when I have a little more time and especially that I have specific expectations, it is indeed on a site of sexy meeting that I surrender. The choice is wider, and the features more numerous. If you are looking for a small, busty blonde who loves SM games, you could wait a long time before you see her on 3nder!